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Workshop by Carlos Welsh, REDESCLIM Workshop

The director of the Disaster Network associated with Hydrometeorological and Climatic phenomena (REDESClim) of CONACYT in Mexico, Dr. Carlos Welsh, will be on October 22 at ESEIAAT, conducting a workshop with the members of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability.

Every year in Mexico, a significant number of disasters associated with hydrometeorological and climatic events occur, generating significant economic, environmental and social losses, which limits the opportunities for local, state and national development. Faced with these challenges, several researchers and decision-makers and national institutions are working to reduce the risk of disasters and increase the resilience of human settlements.

The Network of Disasters Associated with Hydrometeorological and Climate Phenomena (REDESClim) is a thematic CONACYT network of research that was formed in 2011. It seeks to combine the collaboration of researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and the society to promote solutions to the problem of disasters in Mexico.

Day: October 22, 2018

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Place: UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Taking advantage of the meeting, the collaboration agreement between the RECNET network and the REDESCLIM network was signed.

Slide Presentations by Carlos Welsh

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