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UNESCOSOST opens a new joint office based in La Salle University of Colombia

The Unesco Chair of Sustainability of the UPC expands to sixteen offices in Latin America located in university centers in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. The network is complemented by Recnet and the Natura Network of the University of Arizona.

Terrasa, November 9, 2019

“With the opening of the UNESCOSOST Office located in La Salle University, we seek the opening of academic concepts such as Circular Economy, Ecotechnologies and Nature-Based Solutions,” said Jordí Morató, director of the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability, during the inauguration of the office. The invited experts shared their achivements in projects related to sustainability from sectors such as engineering, innovation and academia.

On the other hand, Margarita Pacheco, a journalist specialized in sustainability issues and in charge of moderating the closing panel of the event, stressed that the strengthening and joint work between the two institutions will allow analyzing and proposing institutional adjustments to implement the circular economy in the different sectors of the economy. The journalist also stressed that the Joint Office will just support actions that are ongoing in the territories where UNESCOSOST has long experience.

How to become a UNESCOSOST Joint Office?

The organizations interested in becoming a UNESCOSOST Joint Office, must belong to an academic institution of higher education recognized in their country of origin. Once there is a clear interest between the two institutions, such as visits to the interested institutions, formal communications and valuation of the work issues that could be developed from the Joint Office, an agreement is generated between the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the interested University.

According to Professor Juan Pablo Londoño, manager of the UNESCOSOST Office at the University of La Salle, “the most important issues to become a Joint Office is the assessment that the UNESCO Chair makes on the academic offer on sustainability of the interested institutions ”.

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