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UNESCO Chair on Sustainability has been granted CTCN Membership

The Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN) is the operational arm of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism, hosted by the UN Environment Programme and the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The Centre promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development at the request of developing countries.

CTCN provide technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries by harnessing the expertise of a global network of technology companies and institutions.

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability is the focal point of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya at the CTCN.

CTCN members are invited to play a meaningful role in information sharing and capacity building; provide technical assistance in response to country requests: and participate in outreach and networking activities.

Detailed guidance on Network participation can be found on the CTCN's website.

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