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Updated: Sep 5, 2018

RESURBE program is an interdisciplinary, multi-sectorial and international open platform, in collaboration with over 60 organizations worldwide, including UN-HABITAT City Resilience Profiling Program (CRPP) and Recyclying the City Network (RECNET).

RESURBE Program aims to facilitate knowledge co-creation and exchange between local and regional governments, universities and research centres, international organizations, grassroots movements and other stakeholders from private and public sectors. 

RESURBE program focuses on promoting research, capacity building and urban development projects worldwide, as well as to support informed policy making, on urban resilience and climate change adaptation/mitigation. 

In summary, RESURBE efforts are directed to promote the systemic transition for cities based on co-evolution and social innovation, through just and inclusive participatory processes. In that sense, RESURBE adopts a participatory community development approach, by favouring innovation of socio-ecological systems in order to reduce the vulnerability of local communities and to improve human wellbeing. 

RESURBE main activities include:

  • Co-creation of a common knowledge base;

  • Organizing the systematic collection of best practices and case studies worldwide;

These activities are functional to achieve the key objectives, including:

  • Developing innovative research projects;

  • Supporting the realization of urban development and transformation projects.

  • Developing capacity building activities, particularly training and education projects;

  • Supporting informed policy making, from local to international level.

The RESURBE program is organized with 7 working groups (panels), with the themes foreseen in the general organization of the RESURBE International Program:

Panel I: Risk Management and adaptation to climate change

Panel II: Methodologies and tools for resilience and systemic eco-innovation

Panel III: Design of strategic urban-regional planning processes.

Panel IV: Intangible Heritage

Panel V: Circular economy and metabolism

Panel VI: Participatory processes. Co-design and co-evolution

Panel VII: Healthy Cities

The coordination of these groups will be in charge of local specialists in each of the issues to be addressed. In the working groups, papers will be presented on the topics to be addressed for group discussion. The summary of these papers, or the complete work, will be presented to the coordinators for the purpose of publication and will be the main products for the "Resilient Cities: Rethinking Urban Transformation", a book series by Springer.

RESURBE is an open and dynamic programme that will grow and expand, following co-evolution principles, along its entire duration. New organizations and individuals are invited to join the consortium and the working groups.

Main RESURBE Conferences can be followed in the next links:

RESURBE has been launched by RECNET Recycling the City Network International, and is coordinated by Hermilo Salas (President of the Board), Nicola Tollin (Executive Director / CEO) and Jordi Morato (Executive Director / COO).

RESURBE is organized by the RECNET network (Recycling City Network), the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability of the UPC and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) , in collaboration with UN-Habitat, UNISDR and many other organizations worldwide.

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