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Recnet advances with a international agenda

The Organization, a subsidiary of the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability, visited Baltimore (USA), and Ibagué (COLOMBIA)

Terrassa, April 29, 2019

The agenda of Duván López, researcher of the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability and president of Recnet, began in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, as part of the annual session of the Research Network on Urban Resilience and Sustainability (URExSRN ) of the University of Arizona. During the meeting, new exchange scenarios for resilience and climate change were proposed with Latin American cities. The diagnosis, planning and implementation were the central points with which the researchers propose to address extreme climate events in the cities and on which Recnet contributes its experience in Medellín, Colombia.

For its part and during the stay of the president of Recnet in the city of Ibagué, the mechanisms of access to financial and technical resources of international cooperation were defined that will allow the intervention and recovery of two hectares of Quebrada Hato de la Virgen. The local authorities of Ibagué, in charge of Carlos Fernando Gutiérrez Gamboa, general manager of Local Company, highlighted the importance built a "Laboratory for sustainability and peace".

"This journey along April, allowed us the strength of the exchange of experiences and the opportunity to establish new alliances that would amplify the work towards sustainability, resilience and peace in the territory," said Duván López. The president of Recnet and researcher, conclude the journey through conference at the Cooperative University of Ibagué, called "International Cooperation and Institutional Adaptation."

About Recycling the City Network -RECNET-

Recnet was born with the aim of creating a network of institutions that allow social development based on innovation with the purpose to include solutions for the reduction of environmental impact. To achieve this, its methodology promotes community participation, collaborative work for the exchange of experiences between cities and field research.

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