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Women, Science and Technology Congress returns in virtual format

The objective of the meeting is asses the role of women in science during March 25 and 26. The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability is collaborating with the congress due to the participation of women in the development of diverse projects.

Barcelona, January 25

The Second Congress of Women, Science and Technology -WSCITECH- is an alliance between organizations that worked for gender equality in science. These include the Tarrasa City Council, the Tarrasa Higher School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering, the Higher School of Nursing and Occupational Therapy and the Technology Society.

UNESCOSOST collaborated in previous versions of the meeting to highlight the research of women scientists in areas such as water and sanitation. The 2021 version of the Congress is designed around four areas: Technology, Health, Science and Dissemination and Communication.

To participate in the Congress, it is possible to send your application by registering on the website.

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