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UNESCOSOST and ODACC Internacional: an alliance for virtual environmental training

With the participation of 9 thousand people on the Odacc virtual platform, the presentation by Jordi Morató, director of the UNESCO Chair in Sustainability at the UPC, shared the applied projects in Sustainable use of natural resources and climate change.

Barcelona, ​​September 7, 2020 "It is relevant to highlight the global participation in this training. We had 14 thousand registered people from 26 countries. We recognized this first step of training related to sustainability issues. This projects are lead by UNESCOSOST with organizations that also work on priority environmental issues" said Jordi Morato. The participation of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability is focused on the experience in the design and application of pilot projects based in six research fields. Projects that are mainly found in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Furthermore, the Chair has a global network of 16 joint offices in which it co-designs plans and projects around Intangible Cultural Heritage, strategic urban planning, appropriate technologies, bioengineering and the circular economy, among others. On the other hand, the Organization for Environmental Development and Climate Change -ODACC-, is an international organization with experience around development of agricultural, social and environmental projects. Based in Peru, ODACC develops different virtual meetings in the mission of the organization. To consult Jordi Morató's presentation, it is necessary to enter the following link.

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