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SURENEXUS PRIMA project presentation in the Ecomondo Expo

Updated: Apr 8

SURENEXUS PRIMA project was presented in the Ecomondo Expo, in Rimini, Italy, from November 5 to 8, in a special session on WATER PROJECTS EUROPE @ ECOMONDO: clusters, synergies and interface with market players and problem owners.

Ecomondo, is the reference international event in Europe and the Mediterranean basin for technologies, services and industrial solutions in the green and circular economy sectors. A hub for research and innovation, it hosts the leading companies in environmental services, solutions and technologies, covering water management, waste disposal, textiles, bioenergy, soil management and protection, transport, agriculture and sustainable cities. It brings together and systemises the key elements that define the development strategies of the European Union's environmental policy.

The ECOMONDO expo attracts over 100,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors and proposes an extensive programme of conferences, seminars and events.

The session "WATER PROJECTS EUROPE @ ECOMONDO: clusters, synergies and interface with market players and problem owners" was developed from 10:00 to 17:30 h. and the presentation from SURENEXUS consortium was performed by Dr. Jordi Morató, director of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability and Coordinator of SURENEXUS PRIMA project, on the session on PRIMA program from 15:45 to 16:15 h.

Dr. Morató developed the presentation with the title “SURENEXUS, translate conceptual NEXUS into practical solutions and develop a set of alternative socio-ecological and technical systems (SETs) using AI tools”.

SureNexus coordinators meeting with SICA company, in front of the Fitobiomass system

During the ECOMONDO Expo, the SURENEXUS coordination developed different meetings with selected companies involved in areas related to the WEFE Nexus and networking possibilities were explored, with:

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