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Productor de Agua

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The UNESCOSOST Bahia Joint Office at the Universidade Federal da Bahia developed the "Produtor de Agua" project, taking profit from Ecosystemic Services and improving tertiary roads at the Low South region in Bahia, Brazil.  

The program "Water Producer" developed by the National Water Agency of Brazil (ANA) focuses on encouraging policy on Payment for Environmental Services (PES), for the protection of water resources in Brazil.

The program supports, guides and certifies projects aimed at reducing erosion and siltation of water sources in rural areas, promoting improved quality and at the same time, expanding and regularizing the supply of water in watersheds of strategic importance for the country.

Following the premises of the Program, various activities of soil conservation and rural roads improvement have been implemented in the Baixo Sul da Bahia, in the municipalities of Piraí do Norte and Igrapiúna, within the Intermunicipal Consortium (CIAPRA) of natural protection area (APA) Pratigi.

Several rural roads have been managed to improve the mobility of local residents, implementing bioengineering techniques to conserve soil using terracing and harvest and infiltrate runoff water generated in the tracks with small dams or "barraginhas", turning into good water for groundwater recharge, while controlling erosion and silting of water bodies (rivers, lakes and fountains) at the same time.

The project was developed by the company HS Engenharia Sustentável, a partner from RECNET, directed by professor Dr. Heraldo Peixoto, at the same time coordinator of the UNESCOSOST-Bahia office at the Federal University of Bahia.

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