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Participation in the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) Workshop

Jordi Morató, coordinator of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at the UPC, participated in the development of the workshop, coordinated by Roskilde University (RUC) and Southern Denmark University (SDU).

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability was invited to participate on 11/23/2022, in the workshop developed by DANIDA, with the central issues on the NEXUS WEFE (water, energy, food and ecosystems) and the use of Ancestral Hydrotechnologies, heritage of the Water as solutions for the circular transition in the water sector, a conference that was given by the director of the Chair, prof. Jordi Morató. The PRIMA SureNexus project was also presented and topics related to:

  • Lessons learned from the Mediterranean in the inheritance of water.

  • A brief description of the co-evolution of solution techniques in areas outside the Mediterranean, example: the Zenú people, in Colombia and the pre-Hispanic amunas.

  • How ancestral hydrotechnologies can be used in response to climate change.

  • Presentation of the international conference on Ancestral Hydrotechnologies to be held in Barcelona in February 2023.

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