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Oaxaca as a bulwark of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Updated: May 22, 2022

On May 30 the exhibition Oaxaca, Poética Visual, was held in Barcelona. The meeting was accompanied by gastronomy, art and culture.

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Terrasa, June 4

Intangible Cultural Heritage is one of the six lines of work that Unescosost has defined as strategic framework of sustainability. The achievements of UNESCOSOST researchers are present in Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

This is an interview with Miguel Vives, curator of the work called, Oaxaca, visual poetics, and his relationship with the Unesco Chair of Sustainability.

What is the proposal of Oaxaca, poetic Visual?

The proposal portrays the cultural heritage of Oaxaca in a non-folkloric way. The main idea is present in photographs the cultural heritage of Oaxaca based on gastronomy. The artist Blanca Charolet drifts towards the drink and the process of cultivating the agave and the same mexcal and Rosario Camus covers the ingredients of traditional Oaxacan gastronomy.

Tell us about the cultural wealth of Oaxaca and its approach in this exhibition from the gastronomic

Gastronomy in general terms, is an intangible cultural heritage. An intangible knowledge. In particular Oaxacan cuisine is relevant in the mexican context, it is the largest in Mexico because there are eighteen different ethnic groups and sixteen different linguistic lines. Therefore, it is a melting pot of cultures because it has different traditions that approach different ingredients in different ways. Oaxaca is also a place with eight different microclimates, which strike in gastronomy. In this case, we address the central valleys of Oaxaca and the traditional distilled vineyard of this region.

What is the link between the artistic proposal and the Unesco Sustainability Chair?

As a collaborator of the Unesco Chair and the link we achieved with Casa Mexico in Barcelona, ​​we decided to take the exhibition here. The invitation was received from the director, Jordi Morató. Once we achieved the project, we invited the Mexican photographers Rosario and Blanca to be part . They traveled to Oaxaca and decide on the gastronomic proposal that links the intangible cultural heritage of Oaxaca.

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