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New UNESCOSOST Joint Office in Equador

With the recent renewal of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC, all recently signed agreements for the creation of new UNESCOSOST Joint Offices are activated, such as the one created in Ecuador, based at the National University of Education (UNAE)

The National University of Education through its Rector and Legal Representative, PhD. Rebeca Castellanos Gómez has ratified in an official agreement signed on March 21, 2022, the creation of the UNESCOSOST-UNAE Office, in its facilities located in Javier Loyola.

The parties intend to collaborate to carry out the necessary actions to put into operation the UNESCOSOST-UNAE-ECUADOR Office, and establish the modalities for its action in the scope of the City of Azogues-Ecuador and its metropolitan area.

The UNAE undertakes to create and maintain an office with the official name UNESCOSOST-UNAE-ECUADOR during the term of this agreement.

The coordination and annual planning of the activities and programs developed by the UNESCOSOST-UNAE-ECUADOR office will be carried out through a mixed UNESCO Sustainability Chair-UNAE-ECUADOR commission, made up of the following members:

  • On behalf of UNAE-ECUADOR: The Director of Innovation (Javier Collado Ruano, or his delegate.

  • On behalf of the UPC: Jordi Morató Farreras and Brent Villanueva Escobedo

The UNESCOSOST-UNAE-ECUADOR office constitutes a node, within the network of UNESCOSOST offices, supported and coordinated by the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability of the UPC. The articulation of the UNESCOSOST-UNAE-ECUADOR Office with the network of international joint Offices already existing in other Latin American cities is proposed: UNESCOSOST-Colombia, UNESCOSOST-Brazil, UNESCOSOST-Argentina, UNESCOSOST-Mexico and UNESCOSOST-Peru, with which joint actions will be promoted.

One of the joint projects to be developed is the Academic Master's Degree with Professional Career in Environmental Education and Regenerative Development.

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