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New Book Urban Resilience for Risk and Adaptation Governance

Urban Resilience for Risk and Adaptation Governance

Theory and Practice, is the first book on the Resilient Cities, Rethinking the Urban Transformation Book series from Springer, that provides an up-to-date presentation of the theoretical development of the field.

This book brings together a series of theory and practice essays on risk management and adaptation in urban contexts within a resilient and multidimensional perspective. The book proposes a transversal approach with regard to the role of spatial planning in promoting and fostering risk management as well as institutions’ challenges for governing risk, particularly in relation to new forms of multi-level governance that may include stakeholders and citizen engagement.

The different contributions focus on approaches, policies, and practices able to contrast risks in urban systems generating social inclusion, equity and participation through bottom-up governance forms and co-evolution principles.

Case studies focus on lessons learned, as well as the potential and means for their replication and upscaling, also through capacity building and knowledge transfer. Among many other topics, the book explores difficulties encountered in, and creative solutions found, community and local experiences and capacities, organizational processes and integrative institutional, technical approaches to risk issue in cities.

Editors: Brunetta, G., Caldarice, O., Tollin, N., Rosas-Casals, M., Morató, J. (Eds.)

  • ISBN 978-3-319-76944-8

  • Digitally watermarked, DRM-free

  • Included format: PDF, EPUB

  • ebooks can be used on all reading devices

The RESILIENT CITIES book series aims to analyse the challenges faced by cities and provide an up-to-date body of knowledge, including a systematic collection of global cutting-edge best practices, fundamental to managing the urban transition toward resilience. The best practices will be collected and analysed following a common format, enabling the reader to understand the solutions adopted and clearly highlighting the parameters and possibilities for replication and up-scaling.

The distinctiveness of the RESILIENT CITIES book series is its international dimension, coupled with a multidisciplinary and a cross sectorial approach. The RESILIENT CITIES book series will be a unique and fundamental resource for practitioners, policy makers and scientists involved in planning and governing the transition of cities. It presents the latest and up-to-date systematized information on research, practices and policies development, defining clear means and pathways for replication and up-scaling.

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