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Greenadapt Project - Visit to the leachate treatment wetlands demonstration plants

The team from the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC visited the leachate treatment wetlands of the Greenadapt project at the Xiloga landfill in As Somozas, Galicia.

Within the Greenadapt project, the team from the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC and MSMLab will monitor the microbial communities present in the biofilm attached to the filler material, including both gravel and electroactive material. A molecular analysis will be conducted by tracking the 16S rRNA gene using Illumina MIseq technology and shotgun metagenomic sequencing.

For this purpose, biofilm samplers were prepared and introduced into two piezometers in each of the treatment wetlands. These wetland systems are vertical subsurface flow systems and operate aerated, except for the non-aerated control, to compare in the microbiological monitoring.

Sampling will be carried out over the next six months, and the results will be compared across three different wetlands, two aerated and one non-aerated.

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