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Exploring creatibity in Brasil with Transcriativa

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability makes an agreement with the TRANSCRIATIVA initiative in Brazil, to register creativity and social innovation and promote training for transformation through a course on creative sustainability for businesses “Business with Future”.

Barcelona, january 18

TRANSCRIATIVA believes in Brazilian creativity as a powerful tool to generate value, generate income, and differentiate businesses. The project traveled Brazil on an expedition, passing through 12 states, to understand how creativity is applied in the lives of entrepreneurs and their businesses. And we brought TRANSCRIATIVA mLabs to life, a 36-episode Creative Transformation web series.

Today TRANSCRIATIVA is a community, with +3,500 connected entrepreneurs, 70 ambassadors, and a common mission: to change the state of things. The project believes that borogodó* is the currency of the future and that Brazilian creativity is the main differential of its country towards the world.

In 2021, TRANSCRIATIVA aims, in partnership with the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) and its network UNESCOSOST, to carry out a new expedition giving visibility to the themes: sustainability, education, women, water, climate change, tourism, urbanization and cultural heritage.

And also train young Brazilians with the Creative Sustainability for Business course: "Business with Future" - an initiative in conjunction with Casa Origem, the first Zero Waste restaurant in Brazil.

Learn more about the 'Business with Future' course:

4 modules in 4 weeks. You will apply 1 module per week. First of all, you will learn the mindset behind a business with purpose: you will leave the thinking of the past behind.

In new economies, businesses have to generate connection and belonging. According to the Global Consumer Pulse survey, from Accenture Strategy, 83% of Brazilian consumers prefer to buy from companies that defend purposes aligned with their values ​​of life.

You will learn the numbers of our biggest common problem: the waste we leave on the planet, and you will understand the impact of waste on business. We gather the main data and associate it with business management to guide you in improving your company (and your life). These are the numbers that will convince your audience to trust your work and stay with you for longer - and that means that everyone wins in this process.

This course is a fast and effective training, which will give you the necessary tools, so you'll have the autonomy to engage your audience and your team in improving the sustainability of your company, bringing returns in social transformation and useful sales.

We will let you know how to recognize truly sustainable products and look for sustainable suppliers, participating in the 'Nação Origem', our transformation network.

You can be able to apply this knowledge in other businesses, with the 'Business with Future' training certificate, which is the application of the methodology in 1 business.

To be certified as a Mentor for Business with Future and to be able to replicate this methodology, you will take the extra training module and will fulfill some requirements, such as: impact 15 more businesses and measure the results, to develop the Creative Sustainability for Business ranking.

And finally, TRANSCRIATIVA, Casa Origem and UNESCOSOST will provide the "TRANSCRIATIVA_UNESCOSOST" stamp for the mentors which have successfully applied the methodology on the businesses.

Click on the link to know better about TRANSCRIATIVA

Click on the link to know better about Casa Origem

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