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Environmental Peace & Sustainability Program (EPSP)

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

RECNET has developed a comprehensive pack of methodologies and tools to linkage social agreement with territorial transformation and development. A strong innovative research in this line is being jointly conducted with the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña and the support of its multiple partners and experiences. 

Environmental Peace and Sustainability Program (EPSP) main objectives are:

  1. Elaborate and implement multiple methodologies and experiences of territorial approach to social conflicts.

  2. Identify with the RECNET partners and associates efforts and knowledge(s) in the treatment of intensive social conflicts and disseminate such  information for the usage of local governments, practitioners and community groups in zones affected by war or in a post-conflict recovery phase.

  3. Orientate processes of territorial development providing strategic guidance, accompaniment on follow up to articulate social agreement with local governance and transformation of physical landscapes.

  4. Providing interdisciplinary assistance on technology innovation, capacity building at institutional and community levels, social communication, circular economy and administrative and legal aspects to ensure early actions and long-term territorial transformations.

The experience gained by RECNET in the resolution of environmental conflicts is offered to the global community in general, and in the particular case of COLOMBIA, for the construction of a stable and lasting TERRITORIAL PEACE.

Colombia is living a crucial time on the verge of overpass a centenary armed conflict but with monumental difficulties and risks to move forward. One of the big obstacles identified refers to the lacking of sense and methodologies for the elucidation of truth about the painful incidence done by the violence across the national territory and the engagement of such with the process of reparation and reconstruction.

Thanks to this Program, on Environmental Peace & Sustainability, RECNET aspires to play an increasing role approaching to regions affected by armed conflicts and violence globally to stimulate territorial leaderships in peace construction as in the main international agendas that seek to manage environmental conflicts such as disaster risks, climate change, urban sustainability, resilience and the protection of the biosphere in general.

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