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Design Policies for Resilience. Intensive Programme by ELISAVA

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Within the framework of the Barcelona Resilience Week, the new course from ELISAVA, Intensive Program in Design Policies for Resilience: Design for Transformation, will be presented this November 12, carried out in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC.

Day: Monday 12, November, 2018

Place: Sant Leopold Pavilion, Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

Hour: 18:30 h.

This Intensive Programme focuses on the product development, services, new business activities and implementation of strategies, all based on a design for resilience, integrating all scales of the product/service, to the city/region.

The Intensification Programme is proposed from a "learning by doing" approach, to form agents of change in design for resilience. From the beginning of the course, each student will be responsible for creating, developing and operating a real project, with real products or services for the transformation.

The Programme focuses on creating conditions so that agents of change can be trained as impact entrepreneurs and transformation vectors.

With the course, the following objectives are to be achieved:

  • Train students in the field of product development, services and new business activities, along with implementation of strategies, based on a design for resilience, integrating all scales, the product/service, to the city/region, from the study of cases.

  • Develop their capacities and training agents of change and transformation in the design for resilience, from the integral design in an international collaborative team of a real project.

  • To create design professionals with capacity for the creation and development of innovative and economically viable products and/or services which are, at the same time, environmentally sustainable and socially fair.

The programme combines online and face-to-face, individual and collaborative methodology. The students will develop an intensive phase in Barcelona (2 months), participating in activities such as Smart City Expo and Barcelona Resilience Week.

Teams will be set up so that each team can carry out a real design project for the transformation. The project will be the backbone of the programme and must be presented at the end of the period (6 months). The learning methodology includes coaching, on-line and face-to-face talks, laboratories and travel.


Degree awarded by ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


Intensive programme. Blended format with both content base with online monitoring and intensive sessions in person twice per module.

Start date

September 16, 2019


The contents of the programme will be taught in English, while the follow-up and coaching sessions will be done in English or Spanish, depending on the working groups.


Carmen Malvar, Amaya Celaya and Jordi Morato.


The course offers limited scholarships for qualified candidates.

More information: ELISAVA

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