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COSMOS Educational Museum

The National University of Education inaugurated the “UNEA Educational Cosmos Museum”, a space created with the main objective of promoting transdisciplinary educational practices through an interactive and fun museum that enhances the development of competencies, skills and abilities.

The new Museum is designed to promote the training of teachers through pedagogical and didactic events, which respond to the curricular contents of the Ministry of Education from an innovative, creative, therapeutic and critical perspective. To accompany the information of each fun station in the museum, an augmented reality app will provide visitors with complementary information that will immerse them in virtual learning.

A second phase is planned for 2024, with the intention of building a holistic project that covers the history of the universe, the history of the Earth, life and the human being. In addition, it is also planned to receive visits from schools and colleges, to strengthen the connection with society.

To schedule visits, write to the email:

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