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Circular cities and circular solutions in the built environment

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Next October 6 at 12 noon, in online format, the session of the Circular Economy Cycle of Funseam and Fundación Repsol will be held, dedicated to the presentation of circular economy projects in the urban area, with the participation of the Director of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at the UPC, Jordi Morató.

Jordi Morató, director of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability – UPC, will deliver the initial conference on 6th. Diana Cano Chacón, Senior Manager of Low Emission Fuels and Decarbonization Processes at REPSOL; Félix Gómez, head of Technology and Innovation (Ventures area) at Exolum; and Georgina Cepas, head of Environment at Mercabarna, will present their projects in a round table moderated by the journalist Concha Raso, from el Economista Energía.

Video of the Presentation: Here

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