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Landslide risk management in Altos de la Estancia, Bogotá.

The “Altos de la Estancia” project in Ciudad Bolivar (Bogota, Colombia) was selected on 2015 among the top 20 global risk management initiatives (Sendai Summit, 2015).

Altos de la Estancia
Recovery of soil protection zone declared in the risk sector “Altos de la Estancia” at the locality of Ciudad Bolívar

The comprehensive plan “Recovery of soil protection zone declared in the risk sector “Altos de la Estancia” at the locality of Ciudad Bolívar” led by the Distrital Institute of Risk and Climate Change Management (IDIGER), was executed and managed by the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability, the Joint Office UNESCOSOST Colombia (TDEA-UPC) and RECNET and with the participation of Bogota Botanical Garden (JBB).

Main objective of this project was to join forces for the development and implementation of methodologies to encourage and implement communitary sustainable projects for risk reduction at Altos de la Estancia, through sharing experiences, conducting socio-environmental and awareness for citizen ownership of the park.

The main project activities are:

  • Coordinate actions to stabilize the soil, relocating families and mitigate risk.

  • Manage runoff and lessen their impact on the generation of risk.

  • Recognize the risk as a social construction, and risk management as a participatory process that seeks to improve the living conditions and welfare of the population through the reduction of losses and damage.

  • Encourage the development of activities that promote local development.

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at UPC, the UNESCOSOST Colombia Office and RECNET transferred much of the participatory process of transformation that took place in Moravia, Medellin, to Bogota. The idea is to follow the same scheme as embodied in the process of appropriation based training, different training, creation of runoff pilot management, bioengineered plants, and promoting sustainable local human development monitoring and incentives community initiatives.

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