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2nd Meeting of Knowledge, Archives and Photographic Collections "Knowledge in Motion (ISAYAF)

With the participation of 29 speakers, both local and international, from September 3 to 8th, 2018, the Second Interdisciplinary Meeting of Knowledge, Archives and Photographic Collections (ISAYAF), at the University of Córdoba, organized by the Caribe Vivo Foundation and the Úvendor Foundation, with the support of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at the UPC, the Orlando Fals Borda Documentation Center at the Cultural Area of the Bank of the Republic, the Master of Social Sciences from the University of Córdoba and different cultural entities from Cereté and Montería.

The meeting was aimed at professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of social sciences, education, humanities, photography, history, audiovisual media, journalism, as well as librarians, people involved in file management, memory centers and general population, interested in the thematic axes of the event:

  • Photography and archives

  • History of localities

  • Traditional and contemporary knowledge

  • Heritage and memory

This event is an exchange of investigative experiences in knowledge, archives and photographic collections belonging to different latitudes, which allow the recognition of their ancestral wealth and local identity, with the fundamental objective of promoting through research, the creation of mobile laboratories for the reactivation, safeguarding and recognition of heritage in the local-regional context.

The ISAYAF was developed with the following activities:

  • Workshop History of Locations through photography

  • Sessions to exchange local, regional, national and international research experiences, framed in the thematic axes of the meeting through different professionals in the field of sciences and humanities.

  • Seminar: Oral history as a medium for the construction of the history and culture of the Colombian Caribbean, which was made with the contribution of the Cultural Area of the Bank of the Republic, Montería headquarters.

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at the UPC awarded two scholarships for photographic research on Intangible Cultural Heritage for the plastic artist Iván Leonardo López Martínez and the student of the fifth semester of the Social Sciences Degree from the University of Córdoba, Julissa María Páez, for their contributions in the collection of ethnographic and documentary photography of the Embera-Katio community from Alto Sinú.

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