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1st UPC Award for Social Commitment to the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainability of the UPC has been recognized with the 1st UPC Prize for Social Commitment, in the field of Sustainability.

Convened for the first time this academic year, at the initiative of the Vice-Rector for Social Responsibility and Equality, and in collaboration with the Social Council of the UPC, the UPC Award for Social Commitment was born with the will to enhance the programs, projects and activities developed by the UPC community (students, Administration and Services Personnel, and Teaching and Research Staff) directly related to social commitment.

The winners of the first edition of this award, in the four planned modalities, are the following:

In the field of Sustainability, the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability, promoted by a pioneer university group in the UPC that has been concerned with sustainable human development issues for more than 20 years, for its long history and integral impact in the educational field and scientific, local and international.

In the case of gender equality, Professor Núria Salán, from the Higher School of Industrial, Aerospace and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa (ESEIAAT), for her tireless career and voluntary dedication, the promotion of girls' technological vocations.

In Cooperation, the UPC Reuse program, coordinated by Professor Fermín Sánchez, of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona (FIB) and that encourages the reuse of computer equipment, due to the long trajectory and the integral impact on the educational, local and international.

In Inclusion, Professor Lidia Montero, of the FIB, for the impulse of the Meetup program, a pioneering action to support students with autism spectrum disorders that other universities are taking as a model.

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