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120 students in Olesa de Montserrat visit the exhibition "The Life of Water"

The UNESCO Chair of Sustainability-UPC collaborates with the Daniel Blanxart Institute in the awareness of the water footprint.

Terrasa, March 22, 2019

"The itinerant exhibition of the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​installed in Olesa de Montserrat from May 31 to June 10, will allow students and citizens to know closely the importance of water and its life cycle. In addition, we recognize the involvement of Blanxart teachers who created specific contents as a preamble to the exhibition ", says Rosario Pastor, responsible for Strategic Projects of the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability.

The virtual and underground water, the fluvial ecosystems, the climatic change and the sustainable management of the resource, were the most important subjects proposed by the exhibition dedicated to the students of 1st ESO of Daniel Blanxart Institute in Olesa de Montserrat. In a twenty-minute tour, they learned the data linking water to the global challenges associated with governance. Through a playful exercise, the students practice with the key words about water sustainability. Finally the organizers expected to generate spaces of remembrance and application in classrooms and in daily life.

The students get involved about the topic related with the reduction of space corresponding to the Delta del Ebro because of the rise of one meter of sea level in the sector. This increase is related with the adaptation to climate change, the co-responsibility of human activity with water and its consequences on marine life. Anyway, the guide of the exhibition, Anna Via Scusa, highlighted the students' prior knowledge on the subject and their proactive position throughout the day.

How does the exhibition to Olesa de Monserrat arrive?

The teachers of the Daniel Blanxart Institute in Olesa de Montserrat established a pedagogical work related to water in their classes. After, when they met exhibition arranged by the Diputación de Barcelona for all 311 municipalities without exception. "We present the exibithion in the institute, but then we decided to use the “House of Culture”. We made the corresponding arrangements with the municipality of Olesa de Montserrat and requested to bring the exhibition and obtain a global vision of water, "says Judith LLoc Redondo, coordinator 1n d'ESO.

Finally, the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability in collaboration with the municipality of Olesa de Montserrat has been coordinating cooperation projects for development since 2012. Through the funding of the Diputación de Barcelona, ​​it was possible to access financial resources for the strengthening of local capacities of the Anta Municipality, Cusco, Peru.

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