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RESURBE Award 2016

New 03/05/2016
The RESURBE Award is granted by the international organization Recycling the City Network (RECNET) in the frame of the International Program on Urban Resilience (RESURBE).

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RESURBE aims to realize research, capacity building and urban development projects and to support informed policy making worldwide, on urban resilience at local and regional level. RESURBE award is granted annually to the outstanding trans-disciplinary contributions submitted for the RESURBE International Conferences series.


This year RESURBE III International Conference on Urban and Regional Resilience took place at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) from 17-20 February 2016, specifically focusing on “Empowering Local Communities for Action”; counting on the participation experts from 12 countries together with 14 local communities and civil society organizations from 6 Mexican States.

The RESURBE Conference Organizing Committee jointly with the Scientific Committee evaluate the contributions and select the outstanding ones, within the following four categories:

RESURBE AWARD: For the best and most original contribution.

COMMUNITY AWARD: For the best practice developed by a local community.

BEST PRACTICE AWARD: For the best contribution on a best practice.

SPEAKERS CORNER AWARD: For the best contribution given within the conference Speakers’ Corner.

For RESURBE Award 2016 a total of 125 contributions from 12 countries were evaluated; the Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the following award winners:


Angioletta Voghera & Dafne Regis, Polytechnic University of Torino

The River Agreement. A case study of co-evolution for resilient communities and landscapes.


Association Fideicomiso, Historical Centre of Mexico City,

Training school for the local participation and the heritage conservation. an exercise of local citizenship and empowerment.


Solmaz Hosseinioon, University of Melbourne

Effects of urban planning and design regulations on resilience of informal settlement. Case study, Golestan, Iran.


Nizaí González Machado, Autonomous Metropolitan University, MX

Parallelism between ethnic persistence and the creative act in art and design,

The Organizing Committee has also decided to award the following honourable mentions:

-RESURBE AWARD – Honourable Mention

Juan Manuel Lozano de Poo & María Elena Molina Ayala, Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi Process design for social empowerment in light of the inequitable phenomenon of conurbation; New links between Academia and communities.

David Loreto, Guadalupe Del Angel-Lozano, Ingrid López-Delfín, Maricela Valenzuela-Castellanos, Gabriel Esquivel-López and Alfonso Juan-Rivas, El Colegio de Veracruz.

Resilient Urban Communities in the Metropolitan Context. The Case of Banderilla, Veracruz. México

COMMUNITY AWARD – Honourable Mention

María del Rocío Hernández Ramírez

Ejido Cuauhtémoc, Arteaga, Coahuila y PROFAUNA A.C.

BEST PRACTICE AWARD – Honourable Mention

Felipe Eslava & Julio Andrade, University of Amazonas and University of Andes

Improved Agriculture Systems to Reduce Rural Communities Vulnerability in Colombia’s Post-Conflict: A case study from Caqueta.

SPEAKERS CORNER AWARD – Honourable Mention

Laura Castro & Carlos Aparicio, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

Linear urban metabolism in Monterrey´s housing sectors

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