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RESURBE III: Call for Abstracts Extended!

Events 16-20 Feb 2015
Auditorio Carlos Lazo, Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México (UNAM)
A new period to submit abstracts to the International Conference on Urban Resilience (Empowerment of local communities for local action), to be held in Mexico City from 16 to 20 February 2016, at UNAM opens.

The new term runs until January 23, 2016, to deliver the abstracts of communications, which may be selected to enter the new books in the series "Resilience Cities: Rethinking Urban Transformation" (Springer) (http: // www .springer.com / series / 14171).

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Extended Call for Abstracts for the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON URBAN RESILIENCE “Empowering Local Communities for Local Action” that will be held on February 16-20th  2016, UNAM, México DF, MEXICO.

New deadline for January 23rd 2016


RESURBE III is organized by RECNET in the frame of RESURBE International Program on Urban Resilience. RESURBE Program aims to realize research, capacity building and urban development projects worldwide, as well as to support informed policy making, on urban resilience (climate change adaptation, mitigation and risk).

The best articles and practices will be selected for publication within the volumes of the book series “Resilience Cities: Rethinking Urban Transformation” (Springer), and the authors will be invited to joint RESURBE program working groups.



  • Jan 23rd 2016 – Abstract Submission deadline
  • Jan 26th 2016 – Notification of Acceptance
  • Jan 29th 2016 – Full submission deadline.


RESURBE III International Conference on Urban Resilience main objective is to facilitate the discussion on urban resilience, aiming at empowering local communities for local actions. RESURBE III is calling for the participation of local communities, researchers and practitioners, from public, private and non-governmental organizations.

RESURBE III is principally focusing on:

a) To define the real-life challenges faced by local communities for achieving resilience, facing environmental, social, economic slow and rapid on-setting risks.

b) To redefine the role of universities in identifying and implementing practical solutions for urban resilience, together with the local communities.

c) To define approaches for facilitating the knowledge co-creation and exchange between local communities and other stakeholders to support appropriate local actions for resilience, aiming at empowering local communities for local actions.


More Info: www.resurbe3.com

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