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VI Corresponsable Awards recognize the project Moravia as one of the eleven best Iberoamerican initiatives in RSE

New 26/10/2015
On September 22 took place the delivery of the VI Corresponsable Awards and the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Corresponsable Institution. The project "Moravia Flowers for Life" was recognized in the category of administrations and public entity.

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The “Moravia Flowers for Life” is a sample of inter-agency coordination, innovation, economic development and improving the quality of life that has been growing in the most vulnerable areas of Medellin.


This project has three themes of transformation: economic, social and finally the urban landscape and environment, with which it has worked in environmental restoration, strengthening of productive units and social organizations in the accompanying social families and in beautifying the old garbage mountain where they got to live 2,138 families (14,600 people). Today there are only 255 families, that will be resettled in the Mirador project Moravia, which currently builds the Isvimed.

On the following link you can find the official new released by Corresponsable Institution, which described the awards party and each of the winning initiatives:


On the following link you can find the official new released by Medellin Council:


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