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40 thousand people will benefit from greenhouse built in Moravia

Events 26/09/2014
Morro de Moravia
Opens the greenhouse to grow flowers in Moravia, Medellín (Colombia), managed by members of the community.

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On the 26/09/2014 the new greenhouse opens to produce flowers in Moravia, managed by community members, the COJARDICOM corporation.


Through this project, Moravia, the most densely populated neighborhood of Medellin and that for 35 years was used as a garbage dump of the entire city, is now a model of environmental, economic, social and cultural transformation, and becomes a local, national and international example , for the articulated work between government, community, academia and private enterprise.

The “Moravia flowers for life” is showing the inter-institutional coordination, innovation, economic development and improving the quality of life that has been growing in the most vulnerable areas of Medellin. There are 17 entities that today are part of the project, the Deputy Mayor of Land Management, with its management of Moravia; Secretariats of Environment, Economic Development, Citizen Participation, Governance and Human Rights, Women, Health and the Ministry of Communications. Also participating are the Urban Development Corporation – EDU-, EMVARIAS, ISVIMED, Cultural Development Center of Moravia, the Moravian Cedezo, Parque Explora, the Botanical Garden of Medellin “Joaquín Antonio Uribe”, and office UNESCOSOST Colombia, formed from the agreement between the Tecnológico de Antioquia and UNESCO Chair on Sustainability at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.


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