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Side event Sustainable Urbanization in the Paris Agreement

Events 8th February 17.00-18.00
The RECNET network will organize a Side event session within the WUF 9 on 8th February 17.00-18.00 Room407, in Malaysia.

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During the side event, the Global Program on Urban Climate Resilience Finance (REFIN), led by UNDP, will be launched, calling for further strategic partnerships. REFIN aims at establishing and piloting a Project Development Facility to support local and national governments in developing financeable urban climate resilient projects, with the objective of strengthening local and national capacities to define, finance and implement local and national urban adaptation plans; enhancing simultaneously the alignment of local and national climate adaptation plans and actions.


The “Sustainable Urbanization in the Paris Agreement: a comparative review of Nationally Determined Contributions for Urban Content” report (https://unhabitat.org/books/sustainable-urbanization-in-the-paris-agreement/) outlines the importance of sustainable urbanization in the implementation of the Paris agreement in conjunction with the New Urban Agenda and the Agenda 2030.

The report’s key findings include:

– centrality of urban issues, with over two thirds of submitted NDCs referring clearly to specific urban content;

– prominence of adaptation focus, with over half of the NDCs with urban content focusing on adaptation;

– need to access urban financial resources, with one in three of NDCs with urban content referring to technical and finance capacity challenges.

According to these findings, will discuss current opportunities and challenges for financing urban adaptation. The panel will also focus on the current lack of integration of national policies with local actions and the difficulties in accessing adequate financial resources, both public and private, which are limiting significantly the ability of cities, particular small and medium size ones, to undertake appropriate climate resilience and adaptation plans and actions.

The panelists and the audience will be called to contribute identifying knowledge gaps on urban resilience, which will also inform the IPCC’s Cities and Climate Change Scientific Conference.

List of all the partners:

United Nation Development Program – UNDP

Institute for Housing and Development Studies – IHS

University of Southern Denmark – SDU

UNESCO Chair of Sustainability at Technical University of Catalunya – CATUNESCO

Technical University of Cologne – TH Köln



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