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LIFE Ecorkwaste Open Day Journey

13/06/2017 |

The Ecorkwaste Consortium, invite you this June 21, to the open day journey that will take place at the Manresa Technology Center to visit the gasification plant.


    30/11/2015 |

    Chronicle of the assistance to conference NanoBio&Med 2015

  • RESURBE II – International Conference on Urban Resilience

    11/09/2015 | Bogotá, Colombia

    New Stakeholders for Climate Change Action
    17 - 20 de September 2015, Bogotá, Colombia

  • Meeting New Stakeholders in Climate Change

    11/09/2015 | Bogota

    Under the Meeting of the Americas Against Climate Change (20-23 September 2015), a meeting on New Stakeholders of Climate Change, will be held in Universidad del Rosario, September 21, with a meeting from 14:30 - 17-30 h. This is an opportunity to enhance awareness of the society on the core aspects of climate change and the role of journalists.

  • II Bioengineering Workshop of Bogota

    13/08/2015 | Bogota

    The II Bioengineering Workshop of Bogotá, "Experiences of social and territorial adaptation to risks and climate change" will be held at the Auditorium of the Commerce Chamber of Bogota - Chapinero Headquarters, located at Calle 67 No. 8-32 City of Bogotá, 1 to September 3, 2015.

    UNESCO Chair on Sustainability